My 1979 Mercury Cougar XR-7
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Hate Mail

Letters from the Intellectually Challenged

That's right, folks. I do get hate mail. I'm going to post the choice mail for for public srutiny and humiliation.


From: "Gr eggie"


Subject: you are a $&#@!

Alan, you have to be the biggest *@# that has ever even dared to write bull #$&! on mystiques board. you are just jealous because you can't afford anything but your old Cougar. nice american car, you #$&! head.

@#$% off!

Oh my God! Ford's an American company!?!?! I'll have to sell the car right now and buy a four-cylinder econobox!

It's too bad I had to edit that one, it doesn't do justice to what an uneducated fool "Gr eggie" is.

Really, if I was so ashamed of the Cougar, why would I have a webpage about it? And yes, it is a nice American car, that's why I bought it.


The email to the left is in response to a post I made in the guestbook of a website "Gr eggie" frequents.

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